My day in pictures (Instagram-style, of course)

5:30 am: Today was morning #2 of my journey to become a morning workout-er so I hopped on the treadmill (doesn’t it look a little dark and scary?  that is why I’ve tried to keep my workouts to evening time!).

6:45 am: My morning shake, courtesy of Matt!

7:45 am: I am glad I had my morning shake at home because this was just 1/3 of the breakfast spread at our meeting!

A few minutes later, I got to my seat to discover these right in front of me.  I moved them yesterday but decided to let them stare me down today.  I returned the staredown (and never gave in).

9:30 am: Luckily, they had this so I could have a good morning snack (mmmm… cantaloupe and pineapple).

12:00 pm: Some of the food I didn’t eat at lunch —

My lunch (risotto, a mini turkey sandwich & lentil soup)

After lunch, I did some more doodling (while still paying attention to the meeting, of course!) and came up with a plan that I’ll post about tomorrow:

2:30 pm:  As you saw by the Do Si Dos incident, I love cookies.  But, I decided to wait until I could eat a few real Do Si Dos 🙂

So this was my snack.  I normally don’t eat the veggie dip and wish I wouldn’t have taken this stuff.  It definitely wasn’t the delicious kind you get at the grocery store! (and that is my coworker taking a picture of me taking a picture of my food)

5:00 pm:  Yay!  My meeting ended a little early so I decided to stop by Target to get a battery for my scale.  While I was there, I found these awesome notebooks on clearance for $1.18 (originally $3.99).

I’ve had a sore throat all day and started to get the body aches at Target so I went home to eat some soup…. and, ok, some Do Si Dos too!

How do you handle situations where you have continuous access to snacks and buffets?  Do you have a Girl Scout cookie weakness?


14 responses to “My day in pictures (Instagram-style, of course)

  1. this was really interesting .. i really wanted some of the fries tho…. and i plan on fighting the girlscout cookie demon by giving them away.. i cant fight temptation that well!

  2. my work rarely ever has spreads like that…of course I work in a warehouse where no food is allowed. But the occasional bbq they do for us, I stay away from the carbs and desserts, I’m not much of a sweet tooth anyway so its easy. I’ll have a burger patti with extra veggies on it and a lil dollup of potato salad (like just a taste spoonful size)… I can allow myself more which I do on occasion because my job itself is so active, constantly walking, lifting, bending/squatting, and more lifting and walking, so I know if I have more than I wanted I’ll have no trouble burning it off when I return to work. And the excess I burn off at my daily gym or skating workouts.

    • This was at a hotel where they have a bunch of meetings at the same time so the spread was crazy. They had an ice cream bar too!

      You rock at being active. I don’t know how you do it all with being a mom, a rollerblading superstar, full-time work, and all the other workouts you do on top of it!

      What helps me with desserts is I don’t like very rich desserts, so most of the time I don’t like what restaurants have anyway. But, I obviously have a weakness for cookies 🙂

  3. Oh yeah, and any box of Samoas will not last around me… good thing I only bought one box (that is gone already).

  4. This is great! I love your pictorial – and your buffet choices. 🙂 I purposely chose not to buy GS cookies this year. The only ones I ever buy are Thin Mints, anyway… Of course, that’s not the real reason; the fact is, I can polish off an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting. They’re a trigger food, and so they’re out! 🙂

    • I polished off a sleeve of Do Si Dos on Tuesday! My boyfriend suggested I bag them up so I have two in each bag so it is easier to limit myself. I was doing really good with only having one small indulgence every day until those dang Do Si Dos came into my life!

  5. Sharon Kinard

    I live with someone who has a cookie fetish. I currently only allow Graham crackers in the house, but we always have homemade cookie dough balls lounging in the freezer and ready to bake for the grandkids? Now, that I think about it, they seem to always disappear when the grandkids haven’t even been here?

    • you should put a hidden camera on the freezer and catch dad in the act of eating the cookie dough.

      • The truth is, I’m driving 4 hours, breaking in, and sneaking cookie dough from your freezer. I figured I’d confess before the cameras catch me…. I really, REALLY have a thing for cookie dough…

  6. I am SO BAD at self control with munchies and buffets around. Kudos to you for not giving in! You are a hero!
    As vaguely dicusses earlier, peanut butter is my weakness. I can’t have it in my house all the time, it’s so bad >_< Also Kashi Go Lean *Crunch* if I graze on that, I will finish the box!

    • That is exactly why I had to give up french fries for 2012. I couldn’t just have them occasionally – I had them almost every time I went out to a burger place! I needed a break from them.

      (ps, I love peanut butter too. I could eat it by the spoonful)

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