I love this – so true! It is hitting two birds with one stone.


This tip is an easy one…well, easy to say anyway!  Sometimes we are persuaded by convenience, but try this next tip for one whole week!


Tip #56 

A quick and easy way to start eating healthier is to simply stop eating out at fast food restaurants!  This will not only help you to eat healthier, but also help you save some money!!



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  1. We rarely eat out. Not only to save money (single income household right now), but food made at home is just so much better. I’m also a vegetarian and find it difficult to eat out in this city.

  2. I completely agree — cooking at home usually tastes just as good or better and you know you’re going to get something you will eat. Besides, I enjoy the experience of eating out so much more when I only do it occasionally (not to mention that I travel for work so I sometimes get sick of eating out!).

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