Weigh-in Wednesday, Week 3: Shock!

Happy Hump Day!  I know I’m later than usual with this post.  Somebody (me) decided a 7am meeting sounded like a good idea so my morning routine was a little hectic today.

Let’s start with the stats:

I promised a picture every five pounds so I will update the post tonight with a picture.

Yes, I am shocked.  Pleasantly shocked, but still shocked (and excited so I celebrated by wearing a skirt I haven’t fit into since late 2009, when I was 135 pounds for about 5 weeks).  I am shocked because I was 144 on Monday.  My Monday weight was most likely due to the sodium from the hibachi on Saturday, but I normally don’t fluctuate so much within a few days.  I think what really helped me was cross-training and more consistent exercise, but it was still a week of ups and downs.

This is what went well:

  • Cross-training.  I struggled through a weight circuit, used the elliptical, raced the lady next to me on the rowing machine, went for a run, and tackled the scary Stairmaster at the gym.  My normal routine is basically running, running, and more running so I’m sure my body didn’t know what to think.
  • Food.  I had to buy my lunch at work this week and I got a salad both times!  I also re-discovered a meal Colleen taught me last year – adding protein powder to Oatmeal.  I was in too much of a hurry to make a shake and needed something fast.  It was fast, but also delicious and I was satisfied until lunchtime!

    Before I mixed it together

  • Water.  I didn’t drink 3 Camelbak bottles every day, but I did at least five of the days.

This is what I struggled with:

  • Food.  Yes, this was a success but also a struggle.  Yesterday, my grandma went into the hospital because her lung cancer has spread rapidly and she is having heart problems.  I needed something comforting and that something was Doritos with my salad (not on it though, that would be taking my Doritos love one step too far):

    Cheesy goodness.

  • Dessert.  I ate way too many sweets this past week (which is weird, because I normally don’t struggle with dessert).  We still have a lot of Girl Scout cookies, I had more than a few slices of a Papa Murphy’s cinnamon wheel, and we received a free cake sampler at Bellagala last night (but we only ate the carrot cake and we split it!)
  • Points/food tracking.  I only tracked a few days this past week.  I listed this as a challenge last week too.  This is important for me to establish a consistent routine; otherwise I will eat too little one day and way too much the next.  I don’t have a good excuse for why I’m not consistently tracking since I have an app on my phone that makes it really easy.  My plan is to put a daily reminder on my iPhone to get my points down.

I’m excited about dipping below 140, but concerned it is more a factor of stress from my grandma’s situation than my habits over this past week.  I feel this way for a two reasons: my measurements didn’t change much (even went up in some cases) and my body can do strange things when I’m under stress.  The good news is the challenges over the next week are much more manageable than the past two weeks, so I’m going to fight like crazy to continue my success for Week 4.  This is a preview of what this next week will bring:

  • The weather is unseasonably warm for MN so I expect to go on a lot of walks and runs!
  • Get Lucky 7k is on Saturday.  I am completely underprepared but it will still be fun
  • We are getting together with friends on Saturday night to celebrate
  • I am going to start my weekly BODYPUMP routine (and this time, I’ll check the schedule first!)

How are you enjoying the warm weather that seems to be sweeping the nation?  What is your go-to comfort food when you are stressed?


11 responses to “Weigh-in Wednesday, Week 3: Shock!

  1. Sadly, I haven’t been able to enjoy the weather much, b/c I’ve been rushing home to take care of house stuff every night. But this weekend I’m running the Shamrock Shuffle 10k, and I’m even less prepared than you!!

    My go-to comfort food is a tie between pad thai and old school from-the-box Kraft mac and cheese.

  2. Wow! Congrats on the progress, that’s really fantastic!
    Weather here is currently cold and rainy. And my comfort food is salt and vinegar chips. I haven’t had them for months and months because they’re not allowed in my house, but if they were I’d polish off a bag in no time. So bad, hahah.

  3. Congrats Anna!! This is so motivating! I have been slipping in my WW progress (gained 1 lb last week and this week), but this motivates me to stay on track. Way to go!

  4. Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Congrats on your weight loss this week. The time change over the weekend and the wonderful weather has gotten me outside in the evenings this week to do my workouts, which is great! I hope I can do as well as you when I weigh-in tomorrow for a Health Challenge I am participating in. I can relate to being excited about wearing something you haven’t for a while. I went through my clothes over the weekend and found some jeans that fit again and some that will hopefully fit again soon!

    • Thank you – I appreciate it. Even though she is 91, it’s still been a surprise because she was extremely healthy up until 6 months ago.

      I love finding old clothes – sometimes it’s better than buying new clothes because you get the excitement of having something new-ish, but don’t have to spend money!

  5. Oh Anna! I a so sorry about Muriel! Keep me posted!

  6. Sharon Kinard

    Great job! I am so happy for you. The first 5 lbs is always the toughest for me, then it becomes my motivator!

  7. sweetopiagirl

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

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