Weigh-in Wednesday, Week 5: Feeling Good

Happy Hump Day!  Wow, I can’t believe it has already been five weeks!  Thanks everyone for the kind words last Wednesday.  Rayna posted this video on my Facebook wall that I’d like to share as motivation for others who have a hard time fitting workouts into busy days:  Zuzana – Don’t Give Up!. I can’t get the You Tube imbed to work so click on the link to see it.

Despite very minimal results, I have felt great the past few days (other than crying through the eulogy at my grandma’s funeral).  My legs feel lighter when I run and my clothes definitely feel better.  I can always tell when I am gaining momentum with my weight loss because I have less thigh jiggle 🙂

I love this point where I start to feel great because it becomes easier for me to make healthy decisions.  If I feel good and my clothes fit better, I want to keep them that way.  If I’m not at that point, I get down on eating healthier and squeezing in exercise on a busy day (“it won’t make a difference, anyway.”)  Ok, I confess – there are still some things I can’t easily turn down.  I found these in our freezer a few days ago:

I thought they were gone, but it turns out they were just hiding from us in our freezer… those sneaky thin mints.  Nom, nom, nom… I’m like Cookie Monster around those things.  Overall, I am pretty happy with how my eating went this past week.  These were some of the highlights:

  • Today, I had an all-day work meeting that involved catered food and a dinner at Stella’s Fish Cafe.  I had my own healthy breakfast at home, avoided the glazed donut that was trying to seduce me with it’s delicious frosting, and I didn’t have an alcoholic drink at dinner.  This is usually tough since everyone else is having a drink and it is the end of a long day so a beer or wine just sounds really good.
  • There was a lot of tasty-smelling potato chips at the VFW after my grandma’s funeral  yesterday.  I gave these up for 2012 and I still haven’t had a potato chip or french fry!
  • Matt and I ate a healthy dinner at home on Saturday night before meeting our friends at the bar to celebrate our engagement.  (we did have a late night sushi happy hour though)
  • The best part is I didn’t really miss all of this stuff I turned down.  There was a second of thought, but overall I didn’t obsess about how difficult my decision was to say no.

My week of activity looked like this:

  • Wednesday –  I had about 45 minutes to work out between work and meeting a friend so I did a 3 mile temp run & short walk with Macy.
  • Friday – Tough Mudder circuit
  • Saturday – 5 mile long run.  I ran my a 7k 1:30 faster than when I ran the Get Lucky 7k just one week earlier!
  • Sunday – Nice, leisurely 2 mile walk with Matt and Macy while wearing my Vibram Five Fingers
  • Tuesday – I had a work dinner and didn’t get home until 8 so I just did a quick workout.  It was a 25 minute treadmill interval run (15 minutes alternating between 10:00 mile pace and 7:30 mile pace, 15 minutes alternating walking and running an incline of 8).  I also did as many push-ups and squat/shoulder presses as I could to kill my arms.

I have 53ish days until Tough Mudder.  I am most concerned about my upper body strength, so my focus over the next is to get back on the 2-3x/week routine I had going before my grandma got sick.  I know I’ll be fine with the running portion, but I am not sure about my ability to do things like lift myself over a wall or get across monkey bars!

I’ve been slightly hard on myself lately so this week I’m not going to post about what didn’t go well.  It is killing me not to point out my “opportunities”.  Not to sound like a complete nut, but I do this at work a lot too.  I had my review last week and started it out by taking over the meeting and telling my boss what I think I could have done better.  Yep, true story!  Obviously you can tell I am a Type A person.  My job is basically all about process improvement and sometimes that extends a little too much into my personal life.  Luckily, I have Matt to balance me out.

So, how do I feel at Week 5?  I wish I had more drastic results, but only because I am impatient.  I’d like to have better results over the next five weeks than I have this past five weeks, but I am still really happy with my progress.  I am comfortable I will see better results in the next five weeks because life should become a little more stable.  I mean, what are the odds I can have two major life events (my engagement and grandma’s death, for the new readers) happen in the next five weeks too? 😉

Are you ever too critical of yourself?  How has your week been going?  Anything positive you want to share with us?


2 responses to “Weigh-in Wednesday, Week 5: Feeling Good

  1. Sharon Kinard

    Even after the sadness we have faced these last few weeks, I am so proud that you got back to the plan…Like Gma, like granddaughter, Gma would have done the same thing:)

  2. I think you are doing fantastic!! You have had a rough time lately but you have kept going 🙂 you should be really proud of yourself! I’m excited to follow your journey to the Tough Mudder. I have always wanted to do one but they scare me! haha.

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