I am reblogging this for a few reasons. I talk about Bess Be Fit’s Fitspiration Friday in a few of my posts (it is one of my favorite things about her blog), and I’ve had a really long and crazy week at work so this is a way to still share with my peeps through that craziness!

Bess Be Fit

Good morning friends!! I am SO HAPPY that it is FRIDAY and it’s absolutely GORGEOUS outside!! I am making myself some oatmeal for breakfast and then I’m going to go out on a run and soak up some sun before my brother and I head into the city tonight.  We are meeting my uncle and cousins for dinner and then going to see THE HUNGER GAMES! Can you tell by the use of my capital letters that I am PUMPED?!

Here’s my yummy breakfast:

Before I forget…go check out SHE ROCKS FITNESS for my guest post today!! Awesome lil’ circuit workout you can do anywhere 🙂

Now I’m going to get to the FIT pics!  Today I wanted to focus on BACKS!  Nothing is better than a strong, sexy back!


Now I’m off to do a run and some sort of strength exercises after…feeling inspired to work my back…

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