My name is Anna and I’m an Excel Ninja by day, research junkie by night.  Based on my magazine and book collection, I would say my passions in life are: healthy eating (or at least owning books about healthy eating), cookies, working out, running (yes, it gets its own category), personal finance, saving time, a lot of chick literature, and the occasional sophisticated book that might make a fancy “Top Books” list.

Now that we have the introduction aside, let me tell you why I am blogging.  In addition to being a research junkie, as my boyfriend would say, I am a “sharer”.  Not only do I like to research my passions, I like to share what I’ve learned and my opinion about it.  I may not follow the advice 100% of the time (my willpower and I don’t always agree), but I like to try anyway.

****this is me in my pre-first marathon glory (October 2011):


ready to run 26.2 miles!

**this is me and Matt after his first half marathon (October 2011):

Beer garden after the run? Don't mind if we do!

**why not throw in a nice picture too?! (Thanksgiving 2011)


One response to “Welcome!

  1. Just realized you started your own blog! I’m a little slow on the uptake… 🙂

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